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It’s also lightweight, can be bolted down and includes a 5 year warranty. Amsec would have UL Fire tested their BF if that was the case.

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Speaking of which, the 14 gauge Centurion is be great for one application. An example is the Gunvault GV2000S Multi Vault gun safe. Also, you should think about the best place for a gun safe. Using an effective, sturdy full-sized safe doesn’t only make sure your firearms are stored safely, but also prevent your firearm from ending up in the wrong hands if someone tries to break into your house. Such attributes consist of inner illumination that lights up instantly once the door is open, also there are rotary racks that aid you with storing your firearms, convenient storage for small pistols in a drawer, and at last dehumidifiers to prevent your weapons from rust and corrosion. This provides quick, easy access to your firearms, and its convenient size and lock are ideal for emergency and critical situations in both your home and businesses. The main difference here is that the Cannon Scout will carry 48 long guns! The storage for the cost is good, but make sure you have plenty of room to accommodate the width. There’s also a factory-installed power outlet at the back corner, which makes it very easy to install a humidifier or other equipment without drilling into it yourself.

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The main purpose of a spacious safe is to protect your firearms, valuable items and most of all, your family.  The Sturdy is also a better choice if you’re going to hide or camouflage it anyway.

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Winchesters are available at most retailers and since their safes are not built to order, you can also order them from the internet just like the other companies we’ve featured here today. If you want to check out for yourself what some Sportsman Steel customers have said, start by checking the gun forums.

Like GunVault, Viking focuses strictly on smaller units, almost all of them Biometric in nature.  So, if you’re looking for a cheap decoy gun safe, the new 14 gauge Centurions fit the bill.

This one has a few of the same features as the smaller versions on the inside. If it’s not DryLight, why mention the BF3416 like it’s something to be compared? Looks like Sturdy offers thicker doors with some packages now too. It’s a different type of fill from what I gather. They looked like a promising candidate for a recommendation. You based giving it to them because of it’s similarities to the UL 72 Class 350 1 Hour design, however, if you actually look at any UL 72 class 350 safe, you will notice they do not use Dry Light as an insulator, they use real cement, which is not a far comparison to Dry Light. The S33 Scout is probably the closest you are going to get from a budget + space combination outside of the Liberty Fatboy Junior which is more expensive. Of course, you could always use a gun safe to hold valuable items like passports, ammo, jewelry, and other important items.

This is easy – the Cannon See Scout packs a TON of storage for the same cost as the Winchester Ranger Deluxe. It comes with a storage space of 24 guns and offers valuable space for other items that need storing such as ammo, handguns, rifles, etc. Concerning the level of space it’s going to take at your room, make sure to measure precisely how much space it is heading to take up.

Sturdy safes are all business and have a utilitarian appearance. Amsecs (with their BF series safes) Dry Light does not add to the security of the safe, so they need to have the thick steel for this. They mass produce their products which keeps them a little bit more in the box though, and sometimes quality does get sacrificed for mass production.

The Magnum Steel Package similarly adds steel to the sides and jamb, and then also to the top and back. It’s perfect for an under-desk storage scenario, or in the corner of a cabinet.

Recommendation #5 - Winchester Ranger Deluxe 19-11-E Gun Safe The Winchester 19-11-E gun safe is a mammoth 12-gauge steel safe that is fire resistant for 1-hour flammability of over 1400 Fahrenheit. The Winchester safe is a clever investment for those looking to store away a massive collection of firearms with the added security of being fire resistant and completely drill resistant. Continue on below where you can see that we’ve put together several tables so you can identify what we feel are the best brands and models on the market right now.

We love the door storage rack, which is a Velcro system for storing handguns and other small items without taking up shelf space further inside of it. It also accounts for the weight of this safe.  However, Sturdy’s appearance has its benefits. They do offer an “in-wall” model that’s rated and have a few larger options with fingerprint recognition technology. Sturdy should win, because 3m fire stop is good for 4 hours, not 1 hour like Palusol, which Amsec and a lot of other companies use, because it’s easy to install and looks good. At any time, you think that such highlights are important to have in a safe, then you can easily find a safe that includes any of these features.

Hi Jeffrey, Thanks for the question. I also found mixed reviews about their quality, but didn’t take the time to get to the bottom of them.  The Sturdy Signature Package does the same as the Magnum, but the side reinforcement is upgraded to stainless. Check Lowest Price

If you need to store a single pistol at home or in your car then a small gun safe is all you need, and using one is a reliable way to keep your firearm out of reach of children. That is, until I heard accounts from customers.Pretty consistently Sportsman Steel’s customers and potential customers have complained about high pressure sales tactics and bad customer service.  There are some paint options, but Sturdy’s are not beauty queens.

Do more reaserch on the fire gasket comparison for Amsec vs.  The base models do have a proper UL listed S&G mechanical dial lock. You can’t say that about Dry Light. This safe can store up to 2 medium sized handguns and has a unique combination system which allows you to access the safe with one hand – perfect for in the dark. A gun safe is of utmost importance if you own a firearm. For example of one main difference: These UL 72 class 350 safes are not made with thick steel, because they rely on the cement for it’s security and insulating value. It also has a few different options for shelving, and everything’s included in the package. Most will hold 1 – 2 handguns, and you can find them with biometric scanners for one hand operation. I’d tie that if I were you because there are good arguments for both sides. The safe itself is durable and provides the user with a top of the line protection to safeguard the firearms. Thank you.

AMSEC BF wins this category. It’s got a fully carpeted interior, with rifle butt holders that are molded to keep thing scuff-free and secure.  Another option reinforces the sides, jamb, and door with stainless.

The frame has been constructed from 18-gauge steel and all the security features perfectly meet the guidelines of the TSA for storing firearms on airplanes. There are also tray organizers and hooks which aren’t included in the cheaper models.

Priced very reasonably at around $250, the Gunvault SpeedVault SVB500 is a great option for pistol owners.  This appeals to a lot of their customers, and it also makes Sturdy’s easier to camouflage as a storage or electrical cabinet. Full sized brands are generally manufactured using high-quality steel and therefore are quite challenging to move around or break into.

A gun safe might appear to be a relatively logical item.  Because almost every penny of a Sturdy goes into steel, these are a better choice if want to save money on cosmetics. This article was very informative though. After a couple dozen such stories I stopped researching them. Comes with 10 1.25 inches of solid steel locking bolts that ensure the safe is impenetrable with a 4-way locking system.It is made to offer drill resistance and is next to impossible to break in.With 3 layers of fireboard constructed in the door and 2 layers in the body, the safe is extremely fire resistant and offers complete protection against fire for an hour at the least. Real cement is a great fire insulator, but the problem is, having a safe that large, with real cement, will weigh the safe down too much for most people to be able to handle. A gun safe also provides you with multiple features such as concealed and hidden alarm system, providing lighting to your firearms in case of a power outage, and lots of other invaluable features. These safes typically run big enough to hold a laptop or other valuables and most come with manual override key systems. Sturdy. There are UL rated fire safes, that actually use ceramic insulators on the market. However, it’s common for a first-time buyer to underestimate the amount of space he needs, resulting in added expense purchasing another safe down the road.

Before you invest in a safe, you will need to consider both just how much space it’s got inside of it and the amount of space it’s going to occupy the moment it’s been set up. An outstanding gun safe can last for a long time, and you should avoid having to invest in another safe later on just because your firearm library continued to expand past your safe.  No cosmetic features like multi-spoke locking handles here. The fingerprint readers on the Vikings seem to function almost flawlessly making these an excellent choice for someone that just owns one handgun or again, wants to have one under their desk in their home office. I’d say not to give the fire rating to Amsec either. So the best way to save money is to purchase only as much interior safe space as required. Viking produces some quality products and almost all users seem happy with their purchases. However you’ll find, in fact, a number of qualities that some brands come with. Apparently, you’ll be wanting a safe that is designed to store your primary firearms. There are enough companies out there making good gun safes that I didn’t want to steer anyone towards a vendor that had given a lot of people a bad experience. Safe Size: The larger a safe is, the more it costs. The Cannon is wide and tall but not very deep, so more than likely you will need some wooden shims underneath the safe to prevent tipping unless you plan to bolt it down.

6. Below we are going to cover a few of their models in more detail.
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In the fire protection section, it’s sounds like you are saying the BF3416 has the same type of insulator as the Amsec BF (larger) gun safes, but it doesn’t use DryLight as an insulator at all. 18 gauge steel is on the thinner side, but it’s still steel, which gives you a bit of protection. Vikings are usually bigger than the GunVaults, so it’s probably not recommended to look at this brand if you are looking at buying something to store firearms in your car or somewhere else that’s a compact location. Sportsman Steel does emphasize the important gun safe specs, like steel thickness, more than other manufacturers. Read more about this safe here.

We’ve provided you great informational reviews about our favorite brands and models, because of how important it is to ask the right questions before making a sizable investment to protect your family, your firearms, and your valuables.

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